About us
DÁVI − Farmacêutica is a laboratory
with a history of over 100 years.

Our mission.

Our presence in the history of ophthalmology and dermatology is something of which we are proud and we support it through our excellent and diverse products and services.

Every day, we seek to innovate in a responsible and ethical manner by means of a team of skilled and experienced professionals who dedicate themselves to safely and efficiently responding to the needs of our clients.

Our vision

At DÁVI, we invest in the quality of our products and services mainly focusing on the eye health of the Portuguese. At the same time, we wish to become even more important and relevant in the pharmaceutical sector, where we see ourselves as a fundamental component.

We support sustainable growth, bio-economy development, and the creation of partnerships that will help us achieve our mission. We believe that through this cooperative nature we will be able to evolve and achieve all goals we set for ourselves year after year.

Our history

Founded in 1915, the Jaime José da Costa Chemist Shop began expanding and taking shape until it became what we see today: an internationally renowned company with top-quality products.

Morada da Sede
Estrada Consiglieri Pedroso,
69 B - Queluz de Baixo
2730-055 Barcarena, Portugal
Morada Escritórios e Departamento Comercial
Rua Norberto Oliveira, 1–5
2620-111 Póvoa de Santo Adrião
+351 21 434 00 00
(Chamada para rede fixa nacional)
Email e candidaturas
Estrada Consiglieri Pedroso, 69 B – Queluz de Baixo – 2730-055 Barcarena,
Sociedade Anónima – Matriculada na Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Cascais, sob o nº 508 309 450 Capital Social 217.203,00€
Nº de contribuinte 508 309 450
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